• 2013-06-30

    summer holiday

    So my summer holiday officially get started. I can do pretty much whatever I want, that's the good thing about summer holiday, being free. My clothes are getting more and more, but the closet is small, so gotta get rid of some to make space. Well, that's gonna be a problem every year. Cleaning my closet.

    ( DIY denim vest, h&m bandage skirt, givenchy bag )


  • 2013-06-28

    cropped & ripped

    Last week I did some shopping in Mango, bought a lot of great sales. These two are my favorites. I mean how cute is that cropped top, only for 79rmb (about $12). Since I'm always looking for a boyfriend ripped jeans, finally! Combining these two babies just made my day! And if you notice my new slim one-strap silver sandals, isn't it amazing?

    ( Mango cropped top, Mango ripped boyfriend jeans, one-strap silver sandals )



  • 2013-06-25

    instagram photos

    So happy got my instagram photos from instantgram, a website where you can have quality print and magnet of your insta photos. I have 48 small photos as a set. How cute are they! So in love. Now we take photos with iphones or cameras all the time, but barely print them like the old days. Viewing instagram photos on iphone is great, but holding them in my hands is even better!


  • 2013-06-23

    black & nude

    Nothing is better than neutral outfit, wearing my fav AA sheer shirt. Happy Sunday!

    ( American Apparel sheer shirt, mango tank top, h&m bandage skirt ) 


  • Lately I've been wearing like this a lot, a simple white T-shirt, denim shorts and my fav one-strap sandals. simple and comfy. Simplicity is the best!

    ( zara t-shirt, mango denim shorts, ps11 bag, celine bag )


  • I think the white fever is still going strong, especially in summer. Feels like so fresh. Since I just love white so much, I wear different shades of white to make it more fun.

    ( h&m tank top, american vintage cardigan, vintage shorts, pointy pumps )


  • 2013-06-13

    blue floral

    The weather these days can't be any better. I'm loving my new blue floral dress, so fresh and sweet at the same time. Trying to change the background, found this lovely park.

    ( blue floral dress, vintage denim jacket )


  • I just got Lancôme x Alber Elbaz collection of mascaras, so in love ! Honestly, I don’t use eye make-up that often, but mascaras are defintely my favourite eye make-ups. Just by using a little bit can make my eyes pop in a more natural way. I already got some Hypnôse ones before, this time Alber Elbaz collection is beyond amazing. He’s one of the the most applauded yet famous figure of the fashion industry. His way to renew the vision of womanhood makes this mascaras collection more luxurrious and feminine. He dressed the collection in 3 different patterns : hearts for doll eyes, stars for Star, and polka dots for Hypnôse WP classic. Seriouley how can you not love these babies ?


    刚收到兰蔻和Alber Elbaz合作推出的最新睫毛膏系列,大爱啊!其实说实话,我不怎么涂眼妆的,但睫毛膏一直是我的最爱。因为只要轻轻刷上一层就能让眼睛瞬间撑大又明亮而且还很自然。之前就一直觉得Hypnôse很好用,这次和Alber Elbaz合作系列更是超赞。Alber Elbaz一直是在时尚圈大家公认的大师,他以更新的女性视角让这次的眼妆系列更奢华和显女人味。让三款不同的睫毛膏穿上新衣:娃娃眼的爱心,蓝蓝的星星和波点的简单款。让人怎么能不爱呢?


  • You already seen the pink wall background right? I'm just so in love with it. Still going simple black and white outfit, I guess that's the about the classic black and white, you just never get bored with them. simple white shirt and a vintage high-waisted stirped pants.

    ( asos white shirt, vintage striped pants, micheal kors watch, celine sunglasses )


  • 2013-05-31

    blue heart

    It seems like I wear blue a lot lately. Maybe it's summer, the shades of blue make me feel like very fresh and cool. I'm so into the bold chains right now. Wearing a silver chain necklace as a bracelets. Haha, I do that a lot. I feel like I'm more into the bracelets than necklaces.

    ( h&m heart print knit, DIY ripped jeans, pointy pumps )