• Perfect pieces for summer. Simple white tee with the skull print, black and grey wide stripe cropped tee, and the super comfortable sprayon jeans.  Rock, easy, simple, comfy and chic which are totally what I'm looking for.

    Thanks Cheap Monday for giving me these!

    夏天穿这些再合适不过了。骷髅头印花的简单白色T恤, 黑灰宽条纹的短上衣,还有超级舒服的sprayon系列牛仔裤。摇滚、随性、简单、舒服又有型,这些完全是我想要的。谢谢Cheap Monday 给我这些哦。 

  • I went to Cheap Monday showroom earlier.  You can find the store in K11. Really love the simple easy Sweden style which makes me wanna move to Stockholm so much. I gotta say the jeans collection is so amazing, comfy and chic. I'll show more in the next post。

    之前去了Cheap Monday上海的展示厅。他们家的店再淮海路K11。超爱北欧瑞典那种简单又有设计感的风格,让我越发相去斯德哥尔摩呢。不得不说牛仔裤系列舒服有型让人大爱!

  • Every time I saw the carousel, I turn to a little girl immediately and had to take photos in front of it. Went back to the play garden when I was in elementary school, so much amazing memories. For the outfit, I chose a very suitable one for work, which is blazer and shirt combination. But added some sporty feel. Am I giving up high heels? I don't know, the comfy sneakers just go with everything.

    ( mango striped blazer, frontrowshop check shirt, urban outfitters jeans, ps11 bag, adidas stan smith )


  • 2014-04-25

    white vest

    Spring weather is the best, the breeze blows on the face feels so comfy. I've been obsessed with white a lot for a really long time. Really love this vest, the texture and the pearl buttons. Paired it with my favourite jeans. 

    ( frontrowshop tee & vest, acne jeans, adidas stan smith sneakers )


  • 2014-04-18

    Birthday girl

    I don't want a big fancy birthday party, just a small sweet one with family is perfect for me! Mum is sweet enough made me this lovely tasty strawberry cake. Had a great time!

    ( alexander wang top )



  • 2014-04-15

    tie-dye denim shirt

    I love denim shirts, got like 20 pieces, never get bored buying them. This is my newly bought one, not the classic traditional one, with some detail on it. First it's a tie-dye one, plas the spray paint on the bottom side, kind edgy and rock feel. Paired it with s simple white jeans and sneakers.

    ( forever 21 denim shirt, zara jeans, nike sneakers )


  • 2014-04-10

    black mood

    From time to time I just like wearing all black, the simple easy me style. It's not the typical all black one, there's some colorful spray paint on it which makes it more intersting and bubbling.

    ( no brand top, urban outfitters jeans, adidas stan smith sneakers, ps11 bag )


  • Hello, April! Definitely the best month of spring, gotta enjoy more. Cherry blossoms season all over the town, can't resist the beautiful flowers must take photos as backgroud. I'm kinda addicted to suits, though I bought them eariler, often worn seperately. Finally all suited up! I really love the leopard animal print, it has a wild, I-don't-care sort of feel. Girls all suited up show more tough, independent side as well as sexy charm.

    ( mango leopard print blazer and pants, ps11 bag )

    四月开始了,也是春天中最美好的时光,一定要抓紧好好享受啊!每年此时总是樱花盛放时节,不得不为如此美丽的樱花驻足留步。一直觉得全身穿套装特别迷人,虽然买了全套的但一直都是分开穿的。这次终于全穿起来!豹纹的动物纹印花也一直是我喜欢的元素,潇洒不羁的感觉。女孩穿上西装套装更多了一份硬朗坚毅的自信, 又很性感迷人呢。

  • Lately I've been really into sporty feel, pretty much wearing the sneakers all the time.  Really love the grey baseball jacket with the black leather sleeves.  Never played baseball in my life but surprisingly love the baseball jacket.

    ( baseball jacket, urban outfitters jeans, nike sneakers )


  • Spring is the best, at the same time spring is the worst, basically this whole week will be spent in rainy weather which means no outside shooting. Took these last week, found this black & white check trech coat and it was love at the first sight. simple, easy, comfy, eveything I want. I feel excited to wear sandals.

    ( trech coat, urban outfitters jeans, alexander wang sandals )