• 2013-09-01

    navojo cute

    The weather can change so easily, when I got to work this morning, suddenly I feel a little bit cold, the fall smell is around the air. Can't wait for the chilling fall. Every time I feel so excited about the new season. I‘ve been wearing a lot simple one color clothes, the navojo top is a nice change.

    ( navojo top, urban outfitters jeans, alexander wang heels, celine sunnies, diy bracelets)


  • Super in love with this top, the cut is so simple, clean and oversize, especially with the sentence, I AM NOT YOUNG ENOUGH TO KNOW EVERYTHING. It's like quote of the day. O.K. so the long summer holiday is offically over, I have to get to work and start another life.

    ( top tee, diy ripped jeans, alexander wang heels, celine sunnies )

    超爱这件背心tee的,裁剪很简约干净也有些宽松,衣前的一句话也很有趣:我们还年轻,有些事还不懂,可能就是需要时间的经历才能懂得人生。 感觉就像是智慧引言。漫长的暑假是正式结束了,要适应工作的生活了。

  • 2013-08-24

    95 sporty

    Lately I'm so into the sporty looks, especially the number tee, got this amazing big printed 95 number tee, so easy to go and paired it the white sneakers.

    ( sporty tee, topshop denim shorts, vans sneakers, diy bracelets )


  • 2013-08-21

    summer, stay longer

    Can't believe it summer holiday is about to end, I only got one week left to enjoy. Seriously, I could used to this easy life. Took these pics back in Japan. I miss the long hair, but still loving my new short curly one. First time wearing leopard pants, always a fan of animal prints, but never had a pants. It just goes well with the simple neutral top.

    ( white shirt, mug grey tank top, mango leopard pants alexander wang heels, celine sunnies )


  • 2013-08-18

    new hair

    Just got a new hairstyle and I love it. Never that curly in my life. I like my old long hair, and the other day I was watching Sex and the city, I said to myself, I wanna the Carrie hair, it was very spontaneous i just did it. It's nice to change and I feel like a new me. Really like the super cute silver bracelet from Boticca.com.

    ( choies striped top, DIY ripped jeans, zara heels, phillip lim bag, celine sunnies, Boticca silver bracelet )


  • 2013-08-14

    self made skirt

    I don't wear skirt a lot, but kinda like making skirts, so here's the one I made, mustard floral skirt. Paired with a simple silk shirt, wandering on the street of Japan.

    ( zara white shirt, self made floral skirt, alexander wang heels )



  • 2013-08-10

    silky burgundy

    Found this really cool silky burgundy shorts when traveling in Japan. Always a fan of burgundy and this one is so comfy, just love it so much.

    ( silky burgundy shorts, mug white top, cole haan loafers )


  • 2013-08-08

    easy summer

    There are so many small lanes in Tokyo, and the hidden stores wouldn't let you down. Wearing a short blue top with the big sleeves. I miss the traveling days.

    ( yuppie blue top, h&m shorts cole haan loafers )


  • 2013-08-05

    Tokyo travel

    Sorry for the lack of post, I went to Japan for traveling. Every summer is my travel holiday. Tokyo is just like New York, so many fashion stores and food to eat. Went to shopping in Ginza wearing this outfit, black chiffon shirt with the big pocket detail in front is so cool and easy to go with. I don't have to think too much, just go and see the different places, travel days are the best.


  • Isn't being simple the best? Lately found myself more into the minimalism.

    ( sheer top, white jeans, celline sunnies )