• 2011-12-03

     Unitedstyles----design your own fashion


    About two months ago, Unitedstyles reached me, they are doing a online fashion website which you can design your very own fashion and have it made especially for you --- using the greenest fabric printing technologies available. I had so much fun designing the dress. It took me like almost two hours designing it, I couldn't help playing around it. so much ideas popped out. You can choose the style, neckline, trim and sleeve you like for your design. I designed a very simple long sleeve dress. I chose the leopard and zebra print, you know I love animal print, this combination is so cool. And for the color part, I think the red pinkish and black are very pop and chic. When I got the dress, I love it so much, the packing is so lovely, black and white, so classy. and a very thoughtful card. Thank you Unitedstyles.

    Well if you wanna have that fun designing your own fashion, go to Unitedstyles to enjoy it.

    ( Unitedstyles dress, mom's ankle boots )

    大概两个月前, Unitedstyles联系到我,他们是一个你可以自己设计喜欢的衣服并为你制作的时尚网站。在设计裙子的时候可真是乐趣无穷,我大概用了两个多小时设计呢,因为那设计的过程真的是太好玩了,太多的灵感想法迸发。你可以选择喜欢的款式,包括领子,袖子的造型。我设计的是一款很简单的长袖裙子.印花方面,这个豹纹和斑马纹的组合印花很吸引我,这样的动物组合我怎能不爱?颜色方面,玫红和黑的感觉很跳很时髦。当我收到做好的裙子时,太喜欢了。包装很好看,黑白的,经典啊。还有一张很贴心的卡片。太谢谢Unitedstyles.