• 2012-10-10

    Chloe ---- The ALPHABET


    I am very honored to be one of the 26 international bloggers for Chloe to participate in their digital exhibition. Why 26? Simple. Chloe's founder Gaby Aghion used letters of the alphabet to label each seaon. They are using this  as a basis to tell Chloe's story and heritage in a digital exhibition. 


    Mine is the letter K. K stands for Kaleidoscope. Chloe is not about searing bright colours. White features heavily too - from pure white to cream– along with soft colours: coral pink,slate grey, ice blue, vanilla yellow and mint green all mix into the Chloe kaleidoscope of colour – packed full of pastel shades.

    When the exhibition closes, the 26 pieces of ‘The Alphabet’ will live on through the website:chloe.com/alphabet - where Chloe fans can piece the story together.


    As a fan of Chloe, I can always get inspried from its clothing or frangrance. I'm so happy I get the letter K, Kaleidoscope is just part of me, very subtle, pastel and beautiful.


    非常荣幸能成为Chloe的26个博主之一来参与它们此次的数码展览活动。为什么是26个博主?很简单,Chloe的创始人Gaby Aghion用字母表中的字母来定义每季的系列。并用此作为基础在展览中讲述Chloe的故事和文化遗产。