• 2013-12-13

    down jacket


    To be honest, I always tell myself I'll never wear a down jacket in winter even it's really cold. Maybe it gives me the idea they are so anti-fashion and can only makes a person so puffy. But now I totally overthrow this theroy the moment I found this light and slimy one. I'm so afraid of the cold weather, so keeping warm in winter is my first priority. I just can't think of any other colors than black when choosing a down jacket. It's clean and chic, paired it with a denim shirt and let some buttons stay open to make it more effortless. Don't think I'll be cold by just wearing a shirt inside. Actually I wear a very tight cashmere sweater inside of the shirt. Finally I'm warm and still look chic! I always have this thought that we can have both style and comfort as long as you choose the smart way to dress.

    ( uniqlo down jacket, h&m denim shirt, urban outfitters jeans, celine bag, acne boots )


    I wear this pointy boots everyday now.