• 2014-03-17

    black and white


    The weather is so lovely these days, not so hot not cold, it's perfect for hanging out on weekends enjoying the sunshine. I can just feel the smell of fresh grass and flowers in the air. That's what I wore last Sunday, simple black and white. Got this check shirt long time ago, paired with a white pocket tee and jeans. Easy & comfy. Debut of my new favourite Alexander wang bag, big enough to hold a lot of things like my camera and a jacket, so in love with it.

    ( black and white check shirt, alexander wang pocket tee, h&m jeans, alexander wang bag, adidas stan smith sneakers )

    这几天的天气真是太舒服了。不冷不热的刚刚好。周末出去走走享受美好的阳光再适合不过了。走着走着能感受到空气中新鲜的青草味和鲜花香。这是上周日的穿搭,简单的黑白风。格子衬衫买了一直没穿,搭配全白口袋t恤和牛仔裤。简单舒服自在。新包的处女秀哦,可以说是我现在最爱的包包。Alexander Wang从来不会让我失望。超级实用的大包。大爱!