• 2010-11-16

    pastel grey


    I'm in the mood of layering, layering is fun. so here it is. I added a cardigan in it and tuck it into the jeans. I loving tucking. haha! tucking makes the look clean, and I want to make a very casual, slouchy way. so I put part of the shirt and cardigan out on purpose. the leather jacket and the jeans are in the same color tone: grey. grey is such a great color, it's not over the top, it's a in-the-middle color and goes with everything.

    ( pastel grey leather jacket, levis jeans, vintage men's shirt, zara cardigan )




  • 很漂亮的一身啊。可否告知鞋子在哪里买的什么品牌,很好看呢!