• keep it simple and add a little color inside. Happy Friday!

    ( Mango denim jacket , urban outfitters jeans,gucci bag )


  • 2012-11-19

    denim vest & black

    I'm a big fan of denim vest, there's something raw about it. Love this one so much, it's exactly the one I'm looking for. Since it's getting colder, can not wear the vest alone, so I paired it with a black jumper inside. And the rhinestone necklace gives the whole look a girly touch.

    ( vintage denim vest, zara black jumper, urban outfitters jeans )



  • wearing my favourite denim jacket. it's such a classic piece, goes with everything. I think everygirl should have one like that. the weather is so changable these days, yesterday is so warm, and today, cold, cold.

    ( vintage denim jacket,  vintage navy shorts, h&m belt, american apparel tights )


  • 2010-12-10


    sorry for the lack of post, i'v been super busy with my work project. didn't have time to post. now it's kinda of a release. I can relex a little bit. took these photos a couple of days ago. wore my favourite denim jackt, paired it with a vintage silk jacket. haha, two jackets.

    ( vintage denim jacket, vintage silk jacket, h&m jeans, studded boots )


  • i always wanna have one simple classic denim jacket. haha, finally i got it. it really go with everything. i'm wearing my mom's  green flower printed dress. i just love her wardrobe.

    ( denim jacket, mom's green flower printed dress, vintage clutch, nude peep-toe heels )