• I bought this lovely T-shirt in men's section. It's a size xs, so perfect for me. Sometimes men's clothing can always surprise me. This one is kinda long, so I think why not wear it as a T-shirt dress? It just turned out to be effect I really like. Simple and easy for summer. And I wear a shorts in side in case that I wanna it to be a normal T-shirt, just tuck it into the shorts. 

    ( Ann Demeulemeester men's shirt, Birkenstock, Saint Laurent bag )



  • I remember when I was in junior high and high school, I dress red and green so many bold colors to show myself, it's like I wanna people to see me immediately. But now there's nothing better than the simplicity of black and white to expressing myself. People grow up, so ture.They say having your own style is expressing yourself and being who you are. I guess this is me, the simple me.

    ( mango white blazer, alexander wang striped tee, urban outfitters jeans, vintage boots )