• 2012-06-20

    denim vest & neon

    As my summer holiday is approaching, I feel so excited. The rain finally stopped. That's what I wore yesterday. I cut an old denim shirt's sleeves, made it to a long vest. Definitely proud of my work. Paired it with a neon tank top. I just got back from jogging, feels so good to sweat.

    ( DIY denim vest, Vancl neon tank top, h&m bandage skirt )


  • 2012-06-14

    gold & neon

    More outfit photos. Super in love with this sheer gold shirt, the sheer and gold part makes it more glamorous to wear in daytime. The sandal was origionally a T-strap one, I cut it and one strap is enough for me now.

    (Michael Kors sheer gold shirt, random neon yellow tank top, Vancl black shorts )


  • 2012-06-13


    That's what I wore yesterday, gold and neon are my love now. Had a lovely dinner with mum. Will show more outfit photos tomorrow.

    (Michael Kors sheer gold shirt, random neon yellow tank top, Vancl black shorts )


  • I got this amazing neon green pants, so into this fresh spring color. I like the baggy loose style, but this one is too BAGGY for me. So I have to make a little DIY, lucky for me, I have a sewing machine to make it fitter for me. always enjoyed myselves when doing the DIY. I'll show you how it looks on me in the later post.