• Lately I've been really into sporty feel, pretty much wearing the sneakers all the time.  Really love the grey baseball jacket with the black leather sleeves.  Never played baseball in my life but surprisingly love the baseball jacket.

    ( baseball jacket, urban outfitters jeans, nike sneakers )


  • Wearing sneakers is trendy for a long time. Seriously, having a perfect excuse for not wearing the painful heels and still looing chic, how can I not loving it? I've been obsessed with a white Nike, finally got the air max. So comfy and sporty feel with easy pieces. Rainy days pretty much this week. Took these last Sunday, wearing a simple double-breast coat and baggy ripped jeans.

    ( double-breast grey coat, mango ripped jeans, nike air max sneakers )

    穿运动鞋的潮流可以说从去年开始火到现在了,而且势头还愈演愈烈。真的说实话这绝对是造福了爱时尚的人。让我们都充分的理由舍弃超高超痛的高跟鞋,轻轻松松地穿着舒服的运动鞋又时髦有型。叫人怎能不爱呢?一直想要一双全白的Nike,终于买到了啊。 一穿上就舒服到爆,搭配简单单品运动活力感十足。这周就在阴雨中度过吧。照片是上周拍的,双排扣灰色外套配宽松破洞裤。

  • 2013-03-14

    35 mint

    Spring is just around us. I can just smell the flowers and grasses. Everything's so energetic, I love this feeling so much. Wearing a sporty jumper, 35+mint, how cool is that?

    ( mint jumper, urban outfitters jeans, lace-up boots )



    It seems like my bags are always black. Maybe because black is safe and better for styling. I never thought such a young backpack would be good for me. I really like the pattern, sort of like waves and snakes, besides the blue and pink combination is so fun and spring, perfect for an outing. I paired it with a pink beanie and a blue denim shirt inside.

    ( h&m jumper, urban outfitters jeans, KIPLING backpack )


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