• So here's a another look when traveling in Korea. I know I wear jeans, shorts a lot, just not that into skirts kind girl. But when it comes to skirt, I definitely choose short ones, like this disco skirt so my style. It's actually about knee high length, didn't cut it short, just roll the waist to make it shorter which is more flexible. Paired it with a number tee, simple & easy. You will see me wear the Birkenstock a lot. I just wear it everyday lately. So comfy and chic.

    ( number tee, American Apparel disco skirt, Birkenstock, Celine sunnies )


  • 2014-07-19


    Sorry being a lousy blogger, haven't updated the blog for a long time. Got back from Seoul last week, had a great summer trip with my friend. So here are some photos, went to the Petite France, it's so petite, I mean literally. But very lovely and a good place to chill out for an easy afternoon. I was wearing all black. Just can't help it go for the simple easy look. Happy weekend! Definitely will post more.

    ( Alexander Wang silk shirt, American Vintage linen vest, H&M shorts, Birkenstock, Celine sunnies )


  • 2014-01-17

    black long coat

    I never have a long coat like this one, so happy to try it and I like it. Every time I wear black, feels like a Paris woman walking on the street, so easy and chic. Wearing the cashmere scarf mom made for me. She's the best.

    ( black long coat, mom made cashmere scarf, topshop denim shorts, acne boots )


  • I love the changeable weather these days which means more looks in one day. Mornings and evenings can be a litttle bit chilling, so I definitely need a light sweater. Found this one with the letter prints and the big bat sleeves, so 80s' style. I know this kinda of weather won't last long, gotta cherish it.

    (  GlamourSales D&G sweater, urban outfitters jeans, celine suglasses )