• Happy Valentine's day! Love is in the air. I made a small V day cake.

  • Super in love with this top, the cut is so simple, clean and oversize, especially with the sentence, I AM NOT YOUNG ENOUGH TO KNOW EVERYTHING. It's like quote of the day. O.K. so the long summer holiday is offically over, I have to get to work and start another life.

    ( top tee, diy ripped jeans, alexander wang heels, celine sunnies )

    超爱这件背心tee的,裁剪很简约干净也有些宽松,衣前的一句话也很有趣:我们还年轻,有些事还不懂,可能就是需要时间的经历才能懂得人生。 感觉就像是智慧引言。漫长的暑假是正式结束了,要适应工作的生活了。

  • 2013-08-14

    self made skirt

    I don't wear skirt a lot, but kinda like making skirts, so here's the one I made, mustard floral skirt. Paired with a simple silk shirt, wandering on the street of Japan.

    ( zara white shirt, self made floral skirt, alexander wang heels )



  • 2013-07-22

    blue print skirt

    Just finished this DIY skirt, really love the blue print, kinda like the traditional Chinese print, I'm obsessed with it. DIY is so much fun.

    ( Frontrowshop grey top, DIY skirt, DIY shoes, DIY bracelets )


  • 2012-08-15

    I made this shorts

    Say hello to my new shorts, when I saw this printed silk fabric, I was so attracted to it, isn't this baby amazing? I have to buy it, because I'm not much a very talented maker, I can not make the complicated clothing, but this kind of shorts is my strong thing. definitely nailed it. it's like the perfect summer shorts, how cute is that?



  • 2012-05-28

    DIY ripped jeans

    I always wanna have a ripped jeans, the ripped sizes are not to big or too small, it's really hard to find a one I want, so there I go, DIY job. I found this long time ago jeans, it was my favourite one when I was in college. Here's a secret about my DIY project, usually I have a basic vision about what I want, but the creation process is full of surprises and changes. When one ripped hole is done, I try on the jeans to see which one next is proper to make. Finally! can't wait to wear it!


  • 2012-05-03

    green & mesh

    So here's the green pants I DIY a little bit the other day, now the size is perfert for me. I really love the fresh, springish green. Paired it with a mesh top.The weather these days is so amazing, hope it can last for a little longer.

    ( VANCL mesh top, DIY green pants )


  • I got this amazing neon green pants, so into this fresh spring color. I like the baggy loose style, but this one is too BAGGY for me. So I have to make a little DIY, lucky for me, I have a sewing machine to make it fitter for me. always enjoyed myselves when doing the DIY. I'll show you how it looks on me in the later post.


  • 2012-03-26


    Going basic these days, I think some days you just want something easy to wear. I really love this beige sweater, the fabric is so soft. paired it with my DIY denim vest. Happy Monday!

    ( VANCL beige sweater, DIY denim vest, h&m black jeans, LOTTUSSE boots )


  • 2011-07-09


    DIY bracelets I made and random big rings.