• Hello, April! Definitely the best month of spring, gotta enjoy more. Cherry blossoms season all over the town, can't resist the beautiful flowers must take photos as backgroud. I'm kinda addicted to suits, though I bought them eariler, often worn seperately. Finally all suited up! I really love the leopard animal print, it has a wild, I-don't-care sort of feel. Girls all suited up show more tough, independent side as well as sexy charm.

    ( mango leopard print blazer and pants, ps11 bag )

    四月开始了,也是春天中最美好的时光,一定要抓紧好好享受啊!每年此时总是樱花盛放时节,不得不为如此美丽的樱花驻足留步。一直觉得全身穿套装特别迷人,虽然买了全套的但一直都是分开穿的。这次终于全穿起来!豹纹的动物纹印花也一直是我喜欢的元素,潇洒不羁的感觉。女孩穿上西装套装更多了一份硬朗坚毅的自信, 又很性感迷人呢。

  • 2013-03-21

    cherry blossom

    Cherry blossom time! These cherry blossom around my home are just so beautiful, had to take some photos. It was raininy that day. My friend and I took the pictures so fast, literally like one minitue.

    ( vintage caridigan, urban outfitters jeans, lace-up boots )