• 2014-03-07

    green coat

    Since I've been always wearing neutral colors, the bold colors are rarely seen on me for a long time. I tell myself it's fun to wear a little color for the coming spring. So here I am, weaing a green cocoon coat with a light grey scarf made by mom and a light jeans. It's still pretty cold in the early spring.

    ( green coat, mom-made scarf, acne jeans, acne boots )


  • 2014-01-17

    black long coat

    I never have a long coat like this one, so happy to try it and I like it. Every time I wear black, feels like a Paris woman walking on the street, so easy and chic. Wearing the cashmere scarf mom made for me. She's the best.

    ( black long coat, mom made cashmere scarf, topshop denim shorts, acne boots )


  • 2013-02-26

    denim coat

    I found this old denim coat in my closet, sometimes it's kinda nice to wear the old stuff, you'll be amazed to think the nice things are just around us all the time. So I gave it a chance to mix and match. I'm not that kind of girl always wear new things, I wear the old stuffs all the time.

    ( vintage denim coat, mum-made grey sweater, h&m denim shirt )


  • 2011-11-23

    yellow trench coat

    When it comes to trench coat, I think it should be a beige classic one, and I own one of that. But who says it should be that classic? when I saw this bright yellow one, I knew it's mine. There's no rule in fashion, fashion should be easy and makes you happy. and this yellow trench coat can do that.

    ( online yellow trench coat, h&m skirt, mom's ankle boots )