• I think denim on denim trend is always on. Denim items are such classic and timeless pieces you can always count on. Not alone with two pieces on you. I love long sleeves shirt with a skinny jeans combo. But let's be honest, it's way too hot for summer, so this time I chose the short version which is a denim vest paired with a shorts. Everyone can try the denim on denim trend, it's never out of style.

    ( DIY denim vest, Givenchy nude tank top, Topshop shorts, Alexander Wang sandals, Daniel Wellington watch )


  • keep it simple and add a little color inside. Happy Friday!

    ( Mango denim jacket , urban outfitters jeans,gucci bag )


  • 2013-06-30

    summer holiday

    So my summer holiday officially get started. I can do pretty much whatever I want, that's the good thing about summer holiday, being free. My clothes are getting more and more, but the closet is small, so gotta get rid of some to make space. Well, that's gonna be a problem every year. Cleaning my closet.

    ( DIY denim vest, h&m bandage skirt, givenchy bag )


  • Lately I've been wearing like this a lot, a simple white T-shirt, denim shorts and my fav one-strap sandals. simple and comfy. Simplicity is the best!

    ( zara t-shirt, mango denim shorts, ps11 bag, celine bag )


  • 2013-05-10

    denim love

    From time to time, I just want to wear denim, it's so simple and makes me feel comfy, definitley my love. Now it's a double denim time, from top to bottom, the blue hue is so perfect for summer.

    ( asos denim shirt, asos white T-shirt, DIY ripped jeans )


  • 2013-02-26

    denim coat

    I found this old denim coat in my closet, sometimes it's kinda nice to wear the old stuff, you'll be amazed to think the nice things are just around us all the time. So I gave it a chance to mix and match. I'm not that kind of girl always wear new things, I wear the old stuffs all the time.

    ( vintage denim coat, mum-made grey sweater, h&m denim shirt )


  • 2012-11-19

    denim vest & black

    I'm a big fan of denim vest, there's something raw about it. Love this one so much, it's exactly the one I'm looking for. Since it's getting colder, can not wear the vest alone, so I paired it with a black jumper inside. And the rhinestone necklace gives the whole look a girly touch.

    ( vintage denim vest, zara black jumper, urban outfitters jeans )



  • 2012-09-28

    denim, neon, white

    I'm really enjoying the lovely weather these days, not too hot, not too cold, just perfect. Can't wait for the national holiday, I guess I'll just relax and do some shopping during the 8 days.

    ( Vancl denim shirt, GAP neon tank top, white shorts, h&m black belt )


  • 2012-09-04

    black & denim

    To be honest, I'm not much a skirt person, you see me wearing jeans and shorts all the time. I found this denim skirt in my closet, got it like 6 years ago and didn't wear that often. Once a while, it's nice to wear skirt, feels like I'm a girl.

    ( H&M cropped T-shirt, vintage denim skirt )


  • 2012-06-20

    denim vest & neon

    As my summer holiday is approaching, I feel so excited. The rain finally stopped. That's what I wore yesterday. I cut an old denim shirt's sleeves, made it to a long vest. Definitely proud of my work. Paired it with a neon tank top. I just got back from jogging, feels so good to sweat.

    ( DIY denim vest, Vancl neon tank top, h&m bandage skirt )