• 2012-04-14

    oversized jacket

    I have to admit I have a thing for oversize. The oversized loose style is so easy and chic! The texture of this denim jacket it kinda hard, which gives it a more tough touch. The studs and pearls on the shoulder make the jacket so special. paired it with a denim shirt inside and a black jeans.

    ( oversized denim jacket,  cheap monday jeans, pointy pumps )


  • 2011-08-29

    double denim

    I'm such a fan of double denim look. It just gives the extra coolness and can be a great low-key look for the weekend hanging out with friends. Fashionable and functional. Big love, love.

    ( peep-shoulder denim shirt, DIY shorts, mom's boots )



  • 2011-08-11


    Denim is always my love. It's such an easy piece when you seem to have nothing to wear, simple but still have that magic power. I got this vintage denim jacket in a thrift store and I'v been wearing it almost everyday during my trip in Europe.

    ( vintage denim jacket, American Apparel transparent shirt, H&M skinny jeans, online loafer )


    the non-stopping graffiti in everywhere, even the garbage bins have it. How cool is that!



  • 2011-08-04

    nude and denim

    Took these photos around the hotel I live in the suburb of Paris. I'm wearing a nude tank top and vintage denim shorts which I cut from a long flared jeans. The weather in Paris is so comfortable, not too hot not too cold, just right. Now I'm back in Shanghai, couldn't stand the heat. Except the hot weather, home is always better than other places.

    ( nude tank top, vintage DIY denim shorts, mom's boots )


  • 2010-10-04

    fall's here

    It's chilly out there. seriously, fall's around us. lately i've been so obssesed with denim vest. remember i have a denim jacket? i bought a another one and cut the sleeves off. here it is, a denim vest. so content with my diy work. i'm having the national holiday, just relaxing and enjoying myself.

    ( h&m shirt, diy denim vest,  american apparel disco pant, simple black pumps )


    I love this AA disco pant, makes my legs looks long.


    can you see the raw edge, it took me one hour to make that effect.


    jump, girl!


    having a delicious bowl of nuddle. I love noodle.

  • 2010-09-23


    super in love with this denim shirt, it's so cool especially with the peep-shoulder part. I always wanna have a one like that, after a long time searching, fianlly! And suddenly fall is upon us. I can wear a lot of jackets, haha.

    ( peep-shoulder denim shirt,  sstriped tights, lace up boots )