• Lately I've been really into sporty feel, pretty much wearing the sneakers all the time.  Really love the grey baseball jacket with the black leather sleeves.  Never played baseball in my life but surprisingly love the baseball jacket.

    ( baseball jacket, urban outfitters jeans, nike sneakers )


  • 2013-12-13

    down jacket

    To be honest, I always tell myself I'll never wear a down jacket in winter even it's really cold. Maybe it gives me the idea they are so anti-fashion and can only makes a person so puffy. But now I totally overthrow this theroy the moment I found this light and slimy one. I'm so afraid of the cold weather, so keeping warm in winter is my first priority. I just can't think of any other colors than black when choosing a down jacket. It's clean and chic, paired it with a denim shirt and let some buttons stay open to make it more effortless. Don't think I'll be cold by just wearing a shirt inside. Actually I wear a very tight cashmere sweater inside of the shirt. Finally I'm warm and still look chic! I always have this thought that we can have both style and comfort as long as you choose the smart way to dress.

    ( uniqlo down jacket, h&m denim shirt, urban outfitters jeans, celine bag, acne boots )


    I wear this pointy boots everyday now.


    My mom made me this lovely cable knit sweater, isn't that amazing? Easy to go with everything. It's officially winter now, getting hard to take photos outside.

    ( mom-made cable knit sweater, H&M military jacket, Mango jeans )


  • Finally I found the perfect burgundy leather jacket. Paired it with a burgundy cashmere sweater, can't get enough with it.

    ( burgundy leather jacket, urban outfitters jeans, karen walker sunglasses )


  • 2013-01-02



    Time really flies, it's officially 2013. This year I'm gonna still do what I love, I feel like so lucky to do the thing I love. Thank you mom for being the best supporter.

    ( wool bicker jacket, vintage denim vest, urban outfitters jeans )



  • 2012-12-10

    baseball jacket


    Baseball jacket is definitely a must in this winter. I love this one especially the sleeves are leather and the front is black & navy check.

    ( vancl baseball jacket, urban outfitters jeans )



  • 2012-11-19

    denim vest & black

    I'm a big fan of denim vest, there's something raw about it. Love this one so much, it's exactly the one I'm looking for. Since it's getting colder, can not wear the vest alone, so I paired it with a black jumper inside. And the rhinestone necklace gives the whole look a girly touch.

    ( vintage denim vest, zara black jumper, urban outfitters jeans )



  • Sorry for the lack of post, there's something wrong with the blog system and now it's fixed. I can get to blog now. Took these photos a couple of days ago, I think a very classic biker leather jackt is a must have for winter, it keeps me warm and chic. The color burgundy has been in for a long time, it's just feel so right to have burgundy in winter, such a warm touch.

    ( vintage cardigan, zara white shirt, MM black sweater, h&m jeans )


  • 2012-10-17

    bomber jacket

    I got this bomber jacket for like five different colors, just couldn't resist of them. Very sporty and easy to go.  I'm wearing boots everyday now, that's the beauty of autumn and winter

    ( navy bomber jacket, vintage denim short, Karen walker sunglasses )


  • 2012-10-15

    silk jacket

    I really love this vintage silk jacket, the pattern is so autumn feel. It's definitely autumn now, the layering part is so amazing which makes me love autumn more.

    ( vintage silk jacket, h&m belt, urban outfitters jeans )