• Hello, April! Definitely the best month of spring, gotta enjoy more. Cherry blossoms season all over the town, can't resist the beautiful flowers must take photos as backgroud. I'm kinda addicted to suits, though I bought them eariler, often worn seperately. Finally all suited up! I really love the leopard animal print, it has a wild, I-don't-care sort of feel. Girls all suited up show more tough, independent side as well as sexy charm.

    ( mango leopard print blazer and pants, ps11 bag )

    四月开始了,也是春天中最美好的时光,一定要抓紧好好享受啊!每年此时总是樱花盛放时节,不得不为如此美丽的樱花驻足留步。一直觉得全身穿套装特别迷人,虽然买了全套的但一直都是分开穿的。这次终于全穿起来!豹纹的动物纹印花也一直是我喜欢的元素,潇洒不羁的感觉。女孩穿上西装套装更多了一份硬朗坚毅的自信, 又很性感迷人呢。

  • 2013-09-23


    I always have a thing for animal prints, especially loepard. Right now I'm so into the shirt as a jacket way.

    tbdress leopard shirt, urban outfitters jeans )


  • 2013-08-21

    summer, stay longer

    Can't believe it summer holiday is about to end, I only got one week left to enjoy. Seriously, I could used to this easy life. Took these pics back in Japan. I miss the long hair, but still loving my new short curly one. First time wearing leopard pants, always a fan of animal prints, but never had a pants. It just goes well with the simple neutral top.

    ( white shirt, mug grey tank top, mango leopard pants alexander wang heels, celine sunnies )


  • 2013-04-24

    leopard jacket


    Now it feels like spring, the breeze in the air is so good. Wearing a leopard jacket paired with my DIY ripped jeans.

    ( leopard jacket,Mango simple T-shit, DIY ripped jeans )


  • I did a lot of DIY projects recently, this leopard burgundy skirt is one of them. It was very simple to make that kind of bandage skirt, you just need an old jersey T-shirt and put an elastic band in the waist. So happy with my work.

    ( American Apparel T-shirt, DIY leopard burgundy skirt, longchamp bag )


  • 2012-03-12

    mustard & leopard

    Found this vintage mustard silk shirt in a shop, I really love the texture and the collar design and it's made in Italy, the price is not expensive, feel like the luckist girl in the world, how can I always find something cheap and nice?  Paired it with a leopard jeans. Spring is in the air.

    ( vintage silk shirt, VANCL leopard jeans, ankle boots )


  • 2012-01-15

    leopard coat

    To be honest, I hate the winter in Shanghai, too cold. So I definitely need warm clothes. This leopard coat is one of them. 

    ( leopard coat, blue sequin skirt, lace-up boots )


  • About two months ago, Unitedstyles reached me, they are doing a online fashion website which you can design your very own fashion and have it made especially for you --- using the greenest fabric printing technologies available. I had so much fun designing the dress. It took me like almost two hours designing it, I couldn't help playing around it. so much ideas popped out. You can choose the style, neckline, trim and sleeve you like for your design. I designed a very simple long sleeve dress. I chose the leopard and zebra print, you know I love animal print, this combination is so cool. And for the color part, I think the red pinkish and black are very pop and chic. When I got the dress, I love it so much, the packing is so lovely, black and white, so classy. and a very thoughtful card. Thank you Unitedstyles.

    Well if you wanna have that fun designing your own fashion, go to Unitedstyles to enjoy it.

    ( Unitedstyles dress, mom's ankle boots )

    大概两个月前, Unitedstyles联系到我,他们是一个你可以自己设计喜欢的衣服并为你制作的时尚网站。在设计裙子的时候可真是乐趣无穷,我大概用了两个多小时设计呢,因为那设计的过程真的是太好玩了,太多的灵感想法迸发。你可以选择喜欢的款式,包括领子,袖子的造型。我设计的是一款很简单的长袖裙子.印花方面,这个豹纹和斑马纹的组合印花很吸引我,这样的动物组合我怎能不爱?颜色方面,玫红和黑的感觉很跳很时髦。当我收到做好的裙子时,太喜欢了。包装很好看,黑白的,经典啊。还有一张很贴心的卡片。太谢谢Unitedstyles.





  • Went to the Shanghai Jazz festival yesterday, met two amazing friends, it was so great to know someone that has common with you. Listening to jazz music, talking about fashion and laughing, we had so much fun. Wearing a navy sweater over a leopard shirt and my favorite denim shorts.

    ( navy sweater, leopard shirt, karen walker sunglasses skirt )


  • 2011-06-29

    leopard & denim

    I have to admit I have a huge thing for animal prints, especially leopard. It's so raw and tough. Paired it with a simple denim shorts.

    ( leopard silk tank top, vintage denim shorts, h&m bag)