• Super in love with this top, the cut is so simple, clean and oversize, especially with the sentence, I AM NOT YOUNG ENOUGH TO KNOW EVERYTHING. It's like quote of the day. O.K. so the long summer holiday is offically over, I have to get to work and start another life.

    ( top tee, diy ripped jeans, alexander wang heels, celine sunnies )

    超爱这件背心tee的,裁剪很简约干净也有些宽松,衣前的一句话也很有趣:我们还年轻,有些事还不懂,可能就是需要时间的经历才能懂得人生。 感觉就像是智慧引言。漫长的暑假是正式结束了,要适应工作的生活了。

  • 2013-06-30

    summer holiday

    So my summer holiday officially get started. I can do pretty much whatever I want, that's the good thing about summer holiday, being free. My clothes are getting more and more, but the closet is small, so gotta get rid of some to make space. Well, that's gonna be a problem every year. Cleaning my closet.

    ( DIY denim vest, h&m bandage skirt, givenchy bag )


  • 2010-10-04

    fall's here

    It's chilly out there. seriously, fall's around us. lately i've been so obssesed with denim vest. remember i have a denim jacket? i bought a another one and cut the sleeves off. here it is, a denim vest. so content with my diy work. i'm having the national holiday, just relaxing and enjoying myself.

    ( h&m shirt, diy denim vest,  american apparel disco pant, simple black pumps )


    I love this AA disco pant, makes my legs looks long.


    can you see the raw edge, it took me one hour to make that effect.


    jump, girl!


    having a delicious bowl of nuddle. I love noodle.