• 2013-07-06

    vintage pants

    Totally forgot took these long time ago. Wearing one of one of my favorite vintage pants bought in Italy. It's all about being comfy and chic.

    ( American vintage T-shirt, vintage pants, Tod's loafers, Givenchy bag )


  • 2013-05-08

    the long cardigan

    I'm wearing one of my favourite cardigan, the extra long style and soft fabric are so amazing. The weather these days couldn't be better. Now I'm planning where to travel this summer.

    ( american vintage long cotton cardigan, asos jeans, super sunglasses )


  • 2013-04-01

    detail: vintage bag

    love the burgundy and beaded little bag.


  • 2013-03-09

    vintage cardigan

    My great aunt gave me this lovely cream cardigan she made in the 80s. I really love the vintage feel.

    ( vintage cream sweater, topshop denim shorts, h&m shirt, h&m sunglasses  )


  • I'm so ready for spring now, wanna wear something lighter and spring-like feeling. I went to shopping yesterday and got some amazing Tees in zara, but I can't wear it until it's warmer. So that's what I was wearing yesterday, my aunt gave me this gorgeous vintage coral sweater she made in the 80s, love it so much.

    ( vancl denim jacket, vintage coral sweater, urban outfitters jeans )


  • 2012-10-15

    silk jacket

    I really love this vintage silk jacket, the pattern is so autumn feel. It's definitely autumn now, the layering part is so amazing which makes me love autumn more.

    ( vintage silk jacket, h&m belt, urban outfitters jeans )


  • 2012-09-14

    Suddenly, it's cold

    The weather changes so much. Suddenly, it's cold. It's like yesterday I was wearing short-sleeve T-shirt and denim shorts, now I have to wear a jacket outside. I guess fall is really coming. Happy Friday!

    ( vintage navy jacket, american apparel T-shirt, urban outfitters black jeans ) 


  • 2012-08-22

    vintage navy shirt

    This is one of my favorite vintage shirt, I have it in pink and beige, total three colors. How cute are the pockets. These pictures were taken when I was in Malaysia last winter. Good time.

    ( vintage navy shirt, h&m bandage skirt )



  • 2012-03-21

    vintage blue

    It's definitely getting warmer and warmer. Spring is in the air. A simple jacket is a must. This is my current fav vintage jacket, simple, old-fashion and a bit of oversized style.

    ( vintage silk blue jacketVANCL leopard jeans, ankle boots )

    天气越来越暖和了,春姑娘来啦。一件简单的夹克是必备的。这件蓝色的古董短夹克是我现在很爱的, 简单,老派,宽松的感觉。

  • Wearing a oversized vintage blazer and a skinny jeans, that's so my style. Just keep it simple.  

    ( vintage blazer,  h&m skinny jeans, mom's ankle boots )